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10 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Make Big Impacts in Small Spaces

Decorating small bedrooms can often be challenging as it is hard to strike a balance between style and functionality within a small space. They usually need extra considerations and a smart approach to elevate the overall look successfully. So, whether you are looking for the best mattress for a peaceful night’s sleep or searching for some storage space in your small bedroom, read this blog and find some exciting small bedroom decorating ideas to make the most of your limited space in your tiny bedroom. 

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Consider

A Loft Bed

Installing a loft bed is one of the best ways to enlarge floor spaces in small bedrooms. If your small bedroom has limited square feet but is generous in height, you should consider having a loft bed. With this idea, you can keep up more floor space by adding a small sofa or a desk, which you can utilize for other purposes. This idea works exceptionally well in small guest bedrooms. Also, consider getting light and airy, like a soft-toned loft bed with a slim frame, so as not to make the space look cluttered.

Create a Feature Wall

Go bold and make a statement in your small bedroom. You can easily do that by creating a feature wall that instantly grabs attention and serves as a focal point within your small bedroom space. Installing an all-over wallpaper can be a bit imposing and make your already small bedroom appear more compact. So, just go for one wall, like the wall behind your bed, and choose an innovative tile or wallpaper with striking designs that match your bedroom decor style. For example, you can play around with Scandi-style wall designs.

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Add a Small Bedside Table

A bedside table comes in handy, where you can easily keep your phone, book, or coffee mug and tug yourself inside the blanket to go to sleep. Also, you can place a soft task lighting close by. So, just opt for a small round bedside table to lessen the footprint of your furniture. Or, you can add a floating bedside unit where you can keep all your night essentials and can easily reach out to when you need them.

Go for a Proportional Mattress Size

For small bedrooms, the mattress size must be proportional to the size of the rooms. Go for a breathable, lightweight, and durable mattress to sleep comfortably at night. Also, consider climate control capabilities while selecting a mattress. It will help in ensuring your body temperature is regulated throughout the night and won’t make you wake up full of sweat.

Customize Every Element

If you wish to redesign your master bedroom but it is too small to add decor elements, don’t worry! To elevate the decor of your small main bedroom, you can think of customizing the mattress and bedding with monograms and attaching the lampshades to the headboard. Also, consider using a complementary design and color for curtains and throw blankets. This will help in creating a sense of harmony while playing with polished and fun.

Install Inventive Storage

In the case of a teeny-tiny bedroom, you need to implement calculations and strategies to find adequate storage space. Otherwise, you will never find what you seek unless you work your brain cells. Like consider having a bed with built-in drawers, which are framed with a bookshelf. This idea works great when you plan to design a small bedroom for your toddler’s bed transition. You can store your toddler’s books or toys they can easily access.

Light Carpets

If you are looking for ways to revamp your bedroom without spending much, carpets can do wonders. For a small bedroom space, go for light, neutral colors, which can reflect light and accentuate a feeling of space and brightness. It helps in visually expanding the walls and floors, making the room appear wider. Also, remember to avoid using dark shades in your carpets, bedding, or wooden flooring that will draw the eye. So, go for pastel colors, creamy blush colors, or a classic beige. These colors help in creating contemporary bedroom decor. To elevate it further, you can add a sweet miniature shelf beside your bedroom to serve the purpose of a bedside table.

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Add a Dramatic Canopy

If your bedroom is too small to fit any other element other than your bed, you can elevate the look of your bedroom by adding a real feature to it. Go for a four-poster with a beautiful draped canopy. Use a soft cotton or linen of a solid color or a patterned one to enhance the style quotient of the canopy.

Utilize Window Space

A thoughtful way to save space in the smallest bedrooms is by utilizing every inch of the space available. Like, take a look at your windowsill. If it has depth, it is a perfect place to add a small shelf to keep books or magazines. Or, you can simply make it your seating area where you can sit down and enjoy your morning coffee. Just add some simple upholstery and colorful cushions.

Statement Bed

Don’t be afraid to install a large statement bed in your small bedroom. You can either smaller the size of other furniture pieces or just eliminate them from the room so that everything works out and the bed takes center stage. Also, you can use the underneath space of the bed for storage. Whether you choose a bed with drawers to store additional belongings or empty spaces to store some boxes, you can utilize the underneath space while still having your desired statement bed in your tiny bedroom.

The Key Takeaway

You just came across some creative small bedroom decorating ideas to make your tiny bedroom feel less cluttered and conducive to relaxation. Go for the ideas you like and work for your small bedroom, and you will know that size doesn’t matter if you know how to do things right.

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