DIY Home Decor Ideas

12 DIY Home Decor Ideas to Add A Personal Touch to Your Space

Your home is a space where you have the freedom to let your creativity come out and add your personal touch to every element. Whether you want to create a cozy vibe or a modern look for your space, your space decor plays a role in creating your desired ambiance at home. So, why don’t you try creating your masterpieces to match your unique style? Here are some DIY home decor ideas to inspire you to create your next piece of a DIY decor item.

DIY Home Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Digs

Frame Prints

If you love making DIY decor items, create classic framed photo prints. Whether you prefer a single photo framed or an entire photo collage, you can easily use Canva to prepare the design from scratch. Whether you want to frame your kid’s childhood photos or your wedding pictures, you can just get the printouts of the images and the frames separately. After assembling them, you can use a wooden frame to install them on your wall and fill them with your cherishable memories.


Rope Covered Mirror

Give your old mirrors a new life by covering them with different sizes and colors of ropes. Cover the frame of the mirror with a 3 or 4-inch manila rope. You can braid one section for a more decorative look. Also, add a decorative band to the centers of all sides.

String Light Photo Wall

This is yet another way to display your fond memories. Use some jute strings, clips, and string lights to hang multiple photos from your trips, vacations, or parties. It is a great way to add a personal touch if you plan to remodel your bedroom.

DIY Tablescapes

If you want to elevate your living room look, consider adding DIY tablescapes to make your loved ones even more special while they sit down to dine with you. The linens greatly enhance the appeal, feel, and usability of your dining room table and dining experience. So, let your creative side play a role in making a good impression on your loved ones with custom-designed table runners and cloth napkins. You can mix your linens with various colors and designs according to your dining room theme.

Bandana Covered Pots

Why do you not consider brightening up your pots by covering them with the vibrant colors of bandanas? Just use Mod Podge to attach a bandana to the outer side of the clay pots of your desired size. Fold one inch of the fabric over the top rims of the pots and cut off the extra as required. After it is dried, you can fill the pots with mud and plant seasonal blooms or ferns.

Cutting Boards

Add a sense of distinctiveness to your kitchen space by adding a customized cutting board. These customized cutting boards are classy kitchen decor items that become highly functional while preparing meals. Besides that, they can also create a stand-alone accent when you display them on countertops or shelves, elevating the overall kitchen aesthetics.

Throw Pillows

Infuse unforgettable accents in your living room with plush and decorative custom pillows. You should look for comfortable indoor and outdoor photo pillows that can be customized for a unique look. With this DIY idea, you can even enhance other rooms besides living rooms. Whether you prefer a holiday-themed pillow or a housewarming gift for a friend, you just have to provide some photos of your cherishable moments and transform them into a loving home accent.

Mugs and Drinkware

Purchase DIY custom drinkware available online to present them as a gift to your loved ones or just to revamp your kitchen and dinner table. Be it a special occasion or your love for DIY custom drinkware, you can customize many drinkware items, like coffee mugs, personalized wine glasses, and many more. To get these items, you just need to share your favorite photos and a bit of creative direction to bring your imagination into reality.


Gallery Wall

Gallery walls at home always attract eyeballs, and if you create one at your home, your guests are bound to pay attention to this part of your home – having fun looking for you in the pictures or appreciating your love for artwork. So, compose a wall gallery that is made entirely of personalized wall art or your photographs. Whether you like art pieces with or without frames, you can create a stunning piece of decor that will surely impress people around you.

Spoon Display

Create an accent wall by displaying the pride of your kitchen – the spoons on a painted board. Just cut a piece of plywood and paint it with your desired color. Add nails on the plywood at different levels so that it will have a playful look when you hang the spoons. To elevate it further, organize the spoons in a light-to-dark pattern to give an ombre effect to the entire setting.


If you like to keep everything organized, stay punctual, and never miss an appointment, add a cute desk calendar on your office table or study table at home. Or, you can invest in a personalized wall calendar or easel calendar. Select your favorite photos for each month to the calendar and keep your work organized throughout the year. You can easily explore multiple design templates to highlight photos or create a collage for your customized calendar.

DIY Rope Table Lamp

How about creating a table lamp yourself to upgrade your bedroom look? If you have an old cylindrical lamp in your house, try wrapping a cylindrical lamp base with a 3 or 4-inch thick manila rope. To add flair, you can paste tassels on the neck of the lamp. It will give your bedroom a new, modern vibe if you place it on the top of the bedside table.

The Key Takeaway

Whether you want to revamp the entire room or add a few accents, choose the DIY home decor ideas you like and transform your space into your personalized living paradise. 

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