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Hybrid Mattress Vs Memory Foam: Which Mattress Can Cater to Your Sleeping Needs?

Which one to choose – hybrid mattress vs memory foam?” – is a common query while planning to redesign your master bedroom. After all, the bed is the most vital element in a bedroom, and you must be looking for a comfortable mattress option that lets you relax and enjoy your night’s sleep peacefully. These two mattress types are common in the market, each offering distinct potential benefits. But which one is best for you depends on a lot of factors. This blog will compare their features and performance and help you find the most suitable one!

What are Memory Foam Mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses are made using a polymer – polyurethane, which was once created for NASA but has become one of the most widely used materials for furniture and mattress manufacturing. Most memory foam mattresses have a memory foam comfort system that offers a soft feel and slowly compresses when pressure is applied. Sleeping on this type of mattress may make you feel like you are sinking in. Also, memory foam mattresses are widely popular, and if you are determining the cost to remodel a bedroom and wondering about the cost of a queen-size all-foam mattress, it can be somewhere between $800 and $2000.

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Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses


  • Moldable and Contour Your Body: This mattress type uses your body heat to form your body shape, hugging you in all ways. The heat softens the fibers and lets your body sink in. 
  • Pain Reliever: As this mattress contours your body, it relieves pressure on your different body parts, like shoulders, hips, and back, while keeping your spine correctly aligned. 
  • No Motion Transfer: This mattress type absorbs movement, preventing motion transfer. So, whether you share the bed with your partner or a large pet dog who tosses a lot, you won’t feel any movement on your side of the mattress. 
  • Budget-Friendly: Some memory foam mattresses can be expensive but less costly than hybrid mattresses. 
  • Hypoallergenic: This mattress type has a dense structure that is hard to penetrate for allergens like dust, mites, and molds. 
  • Practically Silent: Since this mattress type doesn’t have coils inside, it doesn’t make any noise.


  • Absorb Heat: This mattress type absorbs your body heat and can become hot. It can be comforting if you tend to get cold while sleeping or sweaty if you feel hot during sleep. 
  • Unresponsiveness: Due to its slow sink, this mattress takes time to contour your body when you move around. 
  • Low Longevity: This mattress type doesn’t have coils, so it can sag over time, primarily when you use one portion of the bed often. After a few years, you will notice the indent on the mattress doesn’t go away. 
  • Hard to Get Out Off: As you sink into the mattress when you lay on it, getting in and out of the bed can be challenging, especially when you have mobility issues. Also, since the mattress doesn’t bounce, it may make your night activities with your partner more difficult. 
  • Edge-to-Edge Support: This type of mattress doesn’t have the best edge-to-edge support. If you prefer to sleep on the side of the bed, you may feel like you are going to roll off of it.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

As you may understand from the word “hybrid” in its name, this mattress is a mix of two different styles of mattresses. The combination is crafted to achieve a balance of pressure relief and responsiveness. The two types of mattresses used here are mattresses with springs and a comforting layer on top. The top comforting layer consists of latex, polyfoam, or even memory foam. So, if you are not a big fan of the sinking feeling that memory foam mattresses offer, choosing a hybrid mattress is wise. The coils in these mattresses provide additional support and bounciness that traditional mattresses offer, but they can still offer the comfort and softness of memory foam mattresses.


Pros and Cons of a Hybrid Mattress


  • Breathable: The coils in the mattress provide airflow and prevent holding on to the heat. Some mattresses come with cooking technology, so go for hybrid mattresses if you tend to get hot and sweat while sleeping. 
  • Supportive and Durable: The coils in this type of mattress can handle heavier weights and provide additional support, which you cannot get with memory foam mattresses. So, you can comfortably lay on your bed in any way you like – on your back or stomach. 
  • Improved Responsiveness: This type of mattress has more support structures than any memory foam mattress so that it can adapt to your different sleep positions. 
  • High-Quality, Luxurious Feel: This type of mattress is manufactured to offer a more comfortable and luxurious feel than any memory foam mattress. 
  • Diverse Options: Hybrid mattresses come in many options with different layering combinations. So, you can explore a vast collection to find the one that caters to your needs.


  • Lack of Comfort During Motion Transfer: The inner springs in this mattress can provide a sense of discomfort during motion transfer from one part of the mattress to another. If you share the bed with a partner who tosses and turns a lot, you may feel the bounce more compared to any memory foam mattress. 
  • Get Noisy: As the coils in this type of mattress break down after a period, they can get noisy, which may not be a huge deal if you sleep alone. But it can be a big deal during nighttime activities with your partner if you have a house partner or kids living in the house. 
  • More Expensive: This type of mattress is not always costly but more expensive when compared to memory foam. However, since it is more durable, its price is worth it in the long run. 

Who Should You Choose?

You may choose a memory foam mattress if you are a side and cool sleeper, like to sink into your mattress, have allergies, stay in one position all night, or want to save money. However, if you toss and turn a lot, don’t like the feeling of sinking in, weigh more than average, have a sleeping partner, hot sleeper, or have a good budget.

The Key Takeaway

With this guide on choosing the best mattress for you – hybrid mattress vs memory foam, you can now determine the right type without fearing investing in discomforting elements for your home. 

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