Remodel a Bedroom

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Bedroom?

Your bedroom is where you rest and spend some cozy time alone or with your family. Your sanity, sleeping quality, and moods depend on your bedroom’s ambiance. It should be where you breathe freely and feel fresh and comfortable. Also, your bedroom must reflect your style and preferences.

If you feel your bedroom lacks that positive vibe or needed comfort, consider remodeling it. Now, let’s gain some insights about this remodeling process. A room remodeling process includes various tasks such as updating the closets, customizing the walls, changing the colors, and revamping the floors.

But before you jump into this remodeling process, you must know the average cost to redesign a bedroom. This article will address the estimated costs of remodeling your bedroom. We hope this fruitful discussion will bring some clarity to your decision.

What Factors Impact the Overall Cost of Bedroom Remodeling?

Remodeling brings some instant fresh air to your bedroom. With the new wall colors, updated closets, and modified floors, you can set a new positive vibe for your bedroom. However, the average remodeling cost is more expensive than your estimated budget. The final price may be impacted by lots of different factors, such as:


The material you choose directly impacts the remodeling cost. Sophisticated remodeling items like Customized closets, expensive furniture, Solid marble floors, and luxurious bedding setups can significantly increase the average remodeling cost. 

On the other hand, choosing affordable items like plastic cabinets, ordinary floors, or readymade closets may reduce the entire remodeling cost. Hence, if you would like to estimate the average cost of this remodeling process, have a count on the materials you are up to.

Hiring a Professional Interior Designer or Architect

Many people hire a professional interior designer or architect while redesigning their bedrooms. Now, such professionals may charge a heavy fee. Also, if you want a customized plan or design, you may have to pay for that separately.

Hiring such professionals may help you improve your bedroom’s aesthetics but will significantly increase the remodeling budget.

Labors’ Fee

Your job continues after hiring professional architects. You need a strong team of laborers to revamp this pre-existed setup. From shifting your old furniture to the store room to assembling your new bedding setup, here, every task requires a huge effort.

Hiring skilled carpenters, electricians, painters, and floor installers will speed up this remodeling process. However, it may make this remodeling process more expensive.

Additional costs

Despite bearing all these above-listed charges, you must stay prepared to bear additional costs. There could be overlooked charges such as complicated electrical repair, fixing invisible structural issues, and improving the plumbing system.

All these charges may get added to your list suddenly. However, such small yet non-negotiable stuff may increase the overall cost of this remodeling.

What Are the Different Charges for Different Bedrooms?

Bedrooms come in different types. Some people own an attached bath bedroom, which is more expensive to remodel. Like that, there are some other types of bedrooms, and the remodeling charges may differ according to the type of bedroom. Let’s talk about some commonly seen bedrooms and the charges you may have to pay to remodel them.

Mobile bedroom remodeling

A Mobile bedroom is a small room where two people can sleep comfortably. As this mobile bedroom is smaller in proportion, it can only offer enough space for up to two people. However, the remodeling cost of this small-sized room is affordable.

The average cost to redesign a bedroom may differ greatly from the price of redesigning your mobile bedroom. The estimated price of a mobile bedroom remodeling is $4000-$8000. However, remodeling such a small room may feel like a challenging task. As the space is limited here, the scope of remodeling is also restricted.

Ruler-sized bedroom remodeling

If you have a king-sized bedroom, then you might have to save more money before getting into this remodeling process. Such large bedrooms will demand big closets, luxury seating solutions, a nicely decorated dressing zone, and resin or marble floors. Even with a basic remodeling plan, you still need to spend more money on your room’s proportions than usual.

Such classic bedroom offers huge spaces that call for experiments and modern decorations. You can even add a fireplace to your king-sized bedroom. This means you must spend more money while decorating such a room. The estimated price of revamping such a room is $ 20,000-$ 35,000. However, the prices may differ according to the amenities you opt for.

Medium-sized regular bedroom remodeling

Remodeling a medium-sized regular bedroom is comparatively more affordable than remodeling those ruler-sized bedrooms. This may cost around $7000-$12000. As such, bedrooms offer a limited area to experiment, so the cost only depends on the necessities.

However, a medium-sized bedroom with an attached bath may increase the remodeling price slightly. Still, you can limit the expenses by cutting down on additional expenses like hiring a professional architect or designer, choosing luxurious sitting solutions, or opting for an expensive bedding setup.

Basement area turning into bedroom remodeling

Considerable people have unused spaces in their basements that they want to utilize correctly. What about creating another bedroom by remodeling your basement area and turning it into a bedroom?

However, here, you need to start from the basics. Everything from updating or polishing the floors to buying a new bedding setup will be crucial in fixing the final remodeling price. Hence, the cost may seem higher than usual. The price should be between $15000 and $20000.

Final Take

The final cost of remodeling your bedroom may vary widely. Careful planning, on-time executions, and choosing affordable materials can significantly reduce the average cost of this entire remodeling process. However, it always depends on your preferences, spending limitations, personal requirements, and the speed of the process.

Although it will be expensive, staying pre-informed and setting a realistic budget may ease this entire process. So be thoughtful, start your savings, and spend wisely. The result will be worth your time, money, and energy.