healthy and Functional plumbing system

How to Ensure a Healthy & Well-functional Plumbing System

A healthy and actively functional plumbing system is a must-have for every house. From ensuring a smooth water supply to reducing water wastage, a well-maintained plumbing system can provide it all. Conversely, a dysfunctional plumbing system often involves a lot of hassles. It can even lead to an insufficient water supply for cooking, cleaning, washing and bathing. Also, such a dysfunctional plumbing system often makes you pay a high-end electricity bill.

To avoid all such hassles, one must arrange a healthy & Well-functional plumbing system for their homes. Ensuring such higher functionality always depends on the maintenance and servicing quality of your hired plumbers. Beyond hiring the plumbers, you have some more tasks to protect the functionality and well-being of your plumbing system. Here, we list some ways to protect and maintain your plumbing system. We hope our guidance helps you to increase the functionality, efficiency and sustainability of your existing plumbing system.

Healthy & Well-functional Plumbing System

Conduct some regular inspections

Arranging some regular inspections is the easiest way to detect defects. Therefore, regular inspection of the pipes, drains, sink areas, fixtures, and every functional appliance must be conducted. If you spot any leaks or damage, do not wait further; call the professionals to fix it. Check whether you can spot water flowing on the walls, ceiling or floors. Sometimes, a wet floor indicates a hidden leak. In such conditions, you may have to opt for a professional inspection. Let the professionals visit your place and spot the hidden leaks.

Furthermore, inspect your shower area. If you spot any overflow from the shower, it’s time to call for an inspection. Such overflow needs to be fixed immediately unless it causes water wastage and leads to an expensive electricity bill.

Clean the drains carefully

A dirty, stuffy and smelly drain often develops clogging issues. Disposing food particles, grease and other substances into your drain usually makes it clogged, affecting the entire functionality of your drainage system. In such conditions, cleaning such dirty or messy drains becomes extremely difficult. Therefore, preventing such disposal is the wisest way to ensure a healthy & Well-functional plumbing system. At the same time, clean the clogged drains immediately by using some hot water and baking soda. Also, you could use some drain filters to detect small debris and clean it appropriately. Focusing on cleanliness will reduce the risk of clogging and offer a clean, debris-free drain.

Spot & Fix the Leaks

Even small invisible leaks can cause major water wastage. Therefore, it’s essential to spot and fix all the leaks regularly. Examine all the pipes, appliances and water fixtures attentively. If you spot any leak, fix it immediately. Replace the damaged or old washers immediately. Such damaged washers can create significant leaks. At the same time, mold growth is a risk factor, developing multiple leaks and intense pipe damage. Hence, having a solid eye on your pipes and fixtures is essential. Do not ignore any types of leaks, even if they look minor. Address the leaks and fix them immediately.

Fix your leaky shower & sinks

Do you know that a leaky or faulty shower can waste up to 200 gallons of water in a week? Such leaky showers cause major water wastage and contribute to a high energy bill. As a wise homeowner, you must pay more attention to your sink areas to make sure the water is not running through the leaky pipes. If you can spot any leaks around your shower and sink area, fix them as soon as possible.

Save your pipes from freezing

Frozen pipes always pose risks. They can burst anytime and damage your property via intense water force. This is why you must protect your pipes from freezing. Don’t let the pipes be exposed to freezing temperatures. Instead, prevent the snow and cold breeze from freezing your pipes. Open your cabinet’s doors to spread warm air near the pipes, eliminating the risk of freezing.

Inspect your septic tank

If your home’s entire plumbing system is connected to a septic tank, you need to conduct a proper and regular inspection of your septic tank. Too much debris, food particles and other garbage can block your septic tank and cause unbearable odors. Cleaning such blocked and dirty septic tanks is essential to keep your plumbing system smooth and functional. Remember, the sooner you spot all those clogged areas, the faster you will achieve the right solution. Therefore, do the inspection task mindfully. Inspecting your septic tank once a year would be good enough to ensure a smooth and actively functional plumbing system.

Assess the Water Pressure

Lower water pressure often indicates a severe internal issue. Therefore, you must have constant eyes on the water flow. If the flow is too low, your plumbing system might have a severe problem. In such conditions, you must monitor the water flow for a week. If it doesn’t get back to the normal flow, you may have to contact professional plumbers. Only they have the advanced plumbing tools to fix such severe issues. DIY might not be a suitable option for curing such severe problems.

Flush the water heater annually

Your water heater is responsible for supplying warm water for bathing, cooking, washing and all other regular tasks. Any damage to this water heater can interrupt the supply of hot water and increase the electricity bill.  Therefore, you must flush the tank attached to your water heater. Cleaning this tank helps you to maintain the temperature, ensuring proper functionality. If your water heater has been running for more than 10 years, you might have to check its inner conditions. Such careful inspections and proper flushing will keep your plumbing system efficient for years.


Owning a healthy and Functional plumbing system is not about hiring professional plumbers. It’s about paying attention to minor leaks, water flow and sudden changes. Incorporating these above-listed ways lets you keep your plumbing system healthy for years. Such careful observations and right plumbing maintenance not only ensure a healthy plumbing system but also prevent water wastage and additional energy costs.