Energy Efficient Home Upgrades

5 Energy Efficient Home Upgrades to Save Your Money

A recent research study has revealed that a domestic apartment can consume up to 40% of energy. Hence, a homeowner is liable to pay around $200-$500 annual electricity bill. However, such a high-cost electricity bill is often influenced by careless activities like forgetting to switch off the fans or ignoring air leaks. By eliminating such careless habits, you can make great savings on your monthly/yearly electricity bill.

One must conduct an energy assessment at home to begin this energy-saving journey. Such an assessment gives you a proper understanding of energy consumption and waste. This assessment will identify the electrical appliances causing abnormal or excessive energy consumption. Now that you know what triggers such unbearable energy bills, you must incorporate the journey to have strict control over energy consumption. Fortunately, today, you have plenty of ways for energy efficient home upgrades. However, choosing the most efficient ones could be an overwhelming task. Do not worry. Here, we have covered you with the 5 most efficient energy upgrading methods for your home.

Refurbish Your Home With Energy Efficient Appliances

You must know that your over-expensive monthly electricity bill results from using appliances without control over energy consumption. Traditional electrical appliances are more likely to exceed energy consumption. Hence, as a homeowner, you must look for energy-efficient appliances. From a small micro oven to the big luxurious washing machine, every electrical appliance you use in your daily life significantly contributes to expanding or reducing your energy bill.

Start using electrical appliances that have an energy mark or star sticker labeled on their body. Purchasing such energy-certified appliances leads to a big initial investment, but if you evaluate their energy-saving power, it will all make sense. However, less energy consumption doesn’t mean less impressive performance. These energy-efficient appliances are made to lower your energy bill without sacrificing the desirable features. Therefore, such newly bought energy-saving appliances will help you save greatly on your monthly electricity bill.

Install Solar Panels

A solar panel collects its needed energy from the sunlight. It reduces your dependency on traditional electricity by utilizing one of the most powerful energy sources: the Sun. Therefore, opting for solar panels is one of the smartest ways to reduce your monthly/yearly energy consumption level significantly.
Although installing solar panels may seem expensive initially, they offer sustainable savings on your monthly electricity bill. Solar panels can smoothly transfer sunlight into consumable energy, so opting for solar panels will help you limit your utility bill.

Choose Smart Thermostats for Your Home

Having a smart thermostat in your home is a big relief. This smart device adapts to your heating and cooling requirements really fast and then sets the temperature according to your requirements. Also, smart thermostats can effectively adjust the energy usage limit. Today’s thermostat devices are more advanced, allowing us to control our home’s temperature through mobile apps.

There is an excellent feature of a smart thermostat. It lets you activate the power-saving mode, significantly optimizing energy efficiency. So, if you are serious about energy efficient home upgrades, you must consider learning more about this much-loved device, the smart thermostat. Installing this device will help you to have proper control over the energy consumption level.

Proper Insulation & a Healthy Plumbing System Are Must-haves

A well-insulated home is a well-energized home. No matter how many energy-efficient appliances you own, they will not work if your home lacks the needed insulation. Hence, as a homeowner, you must work on your home’s insulation. During the summer days, insulate your home walls, windows, and floors to eliminate the chances of heat transfer.

At the same time, winter days require you to seal all the gaps around your windows. This way, you can prevent cold breezes from coming inside your room. Such sensible activities will reduce your need for using an air conditioner in the summer and room heaters in the winter, eventually offering a great saving on your monthly electricity bill.

Likewise, Plumbing issues like water leaks or shower leaks feel like a nightmare. It doesn’t only damage your bathroom floor but also impacts your hard-earned savings. So, if you want your home to remain energy efficient, you must constantly watch your home’s plumbing system. If you notice any leak in the taps or showers, you must inform an experienced plumber to fix the issue immediately. Such wise activities will prevent the risk of energy wastage.

Furthermore, opting for low-flow showerheads and faucets will lead to great energy savings. These low-flow toilet fixtures are designed to limit the water flow without compromising performance. Hence, installing such energy-saving toilet fixtures will significantly reduce your energy bill.

Opt for Led Bulbs

It’s time to bid farewell to your traditional lights and look for something energy-efficient and sustainable. LED bulbs are known for their amazing energy efficiency and greater sustainability. According to survey data, LED bulbs can limit energy consumption by up to 75%. Hence, one must cultivate the habit of using LED bulbs in their home.

Furthermore, LED lights offer huge longevity in comparison with those traditional lights. If you are looking for aesthetically pleasing lighting, these are your go-to lights. These lights look brighter, yes, cost less. Although you might have to pay a higher amount to buy or install these LED lights, they will significantly save your monthly/annual electricity bill. Therefore, more usages of LED lights can seamlessly contribute to an energy-efficient home.

Final Take

Some energy-saving actions will help you achieve a greater lifestyle without breaking the bank. Whether redesigning your old home or shifting to a new apartment, you must aim to create an energy-efficient home. From fixing the window leaks to installing the LEDs, remember that every step counts here.

Upgrading your home’s energy system is about making a smart and sustainable investment for your home. Such a smart and desirable investment offers a well-thermal environment and reduces your monthly electrical expenses. Building an energy efficient home is about enjoying better comfort without costing an expensive electricity bill.