Bathroom Remodel cost

The Ultimate Guide to Bath Remodel Cost Estimation

When small changes fail to provide a fresh look to your dull and damaged bathroom, consider it’s high time for bath renovation. A well-organized, aesthetically pleasant bathroom reflects your taste. It’s like offering your bathroom a brand-new makeover. However, bathroom remodeling often turns out to be one of the most expensive home improvement projects. So before you get into this bathroom renovation process, you must have a basic idea about the bath remodel cost.

There are a lot of different factors that together influence the ultimate bath renovation cost.

From the cost of materials to the laborers’ payment, we must evaluate major to minor expenses to accurately estimate this bath renovation project. In this article, we aim to provide the ultimate guide to estimating the bath renovation cost. We hope this fruitful discussion will offer the needed insights.

Bathroom Size Impacts the Entire Bath Renovation Cost

If you engage in some market research, you will realize that the average bathroom remodeling cost may range from $4000 to $14000. However, the size of your bathroom can change the entire budget analysis. Hence, we must discuss how the size of your bathroom can directly impact the final price of bath renovation.

Giant sized bathroom

If your bathroom is larger and decorated with luxury accessories like a bathtub, premium shower, or other advanced features, you might need to spend around $25,000. If you need to replace your bathroom tiles, the cost might be higher than your estimated price. Similarly, upgrading your bathtub or shower area can significantly increase your budget.

Also, replacing the faucet of your king-sized king-sized bathroom will expand your budget. Talk to your hired architect or contractor about the floor improvement cost, as this cost directly influences your bath remodel cost. Gather more insights about the cost of light setup. Research the ongoing market price of giant bathroom renovation. Such smart strategies will help you to figure out the budget earlier.

Medium-sized bathroom

A medium-sized bath renovation generally costs half of a giant-sized bathroom renovation. As here the floor size here is small, there is no need to spend a huge amount of money on the floor improvements. Furthermore, medium-sized bathrooms mostly don’t have fancy or luxurious toilet accessories such as bathtubs or premium showers. Hence, the bath renovation cost should be around $4,500-$10000.

A guest bathroom or an extra toilet

Today, most houses use an extra bathroom in the meantime or upon guests’ arrival. The cost of a bathroom renovation may depend on your expected features and improvements. If you want the basic bathroom remodel package, the cost may range from $5000 to $8000.

Conversely, if you want to give your guest bathroom a premium touchup, you must increase your budget significantly. Installing premium tiles, adding elegant light fixtures, and replacing the shower system comes under the premium package, which may cost around $14,000-$20,000.

What Other Factors Influence Your Bath Remodel Cost

As mentioned, bathroom remodeling costs depend on myriad factors. From the cost of materials to installation charges, every smaller or bigger expense can significantly impact the final price. Here is a list of factors directly or indirectly influencing your bathroom remodeling budget.

Materials & Accessories

The materials you choose for this bathroom redesign project significantly reduce or increase your budget. It typically depends on your choice of tiles, countertops, floor type, shower, and other accessories. For example, your budget will significantly expand if you choose premium-quality marble floors. Alternatively, you can limit the expenses by opting for a basic countertop and plastic cabinets.

So you see, the materials and accessories you choose for your bathroom play a bigger role in deciding your bath remodel cost. If you want to limit your budget sincerely, choose your bathroom accessories mindfully.

Plumbing cost

A bathroom renovation often involves extensive plumbing work. Sometimes, you must upgrade your existing plumbing system, which may increase the overall cost. Upgrading your entire plumbing system may cost around $200, excluding the plumber’s fee.

In some special circumstances, you may need to change the electrical cords to make your plumbing system functional. For that, you might need to hire a professional electrician and a skilled plumber. Hence, plumbing costs can directly influence your bathroom renovation budget.

Lighting & Fixtures

Your job continues beyond installing new bathroom tiles. If you want to make the best of this bathroom renovation process, you must devote enough attention to the lighting. If you have a giant-sized luxurious bathroom, we insist you go for elegant LED light fixtures. For a basic estimation, the price range should be around $150-$300, depending on your desired features.

Professional Installation or DIY

DIY refers to Do IT Yourself. Opting for toilet appliances with DIY installation may reduce your bath remodel cost. On the other hand, plenty of luxurious bathroom accessories require professional help to get installed. You might have to pay more than the installation charge in such cases.

Imagine you want your giant bathroom to be decorated with a large bathtub. Now, installing such a bathtub will be challenging. You need to hire professional installers and even a big lab team of laborers to finish this installation task successfully. Thus, the installation type of your chosen toilet appliances may expand or reduce this bathroom renovation budget.

Additional Expenses

Some additional expenses can significantly impact your bathroom renovation budget. Opting for eco-friendly materials, buying ADA-compliant accessories, and installing energy-efficient toilet appliances can increase the budget. Although it’s hard to guess the exact price, you must stay prepared to spend around $100 as an additional expense.


Estimating this bathroom redesigning project’s final cost requires many thoughtful considerations. Every dollar you spend impacts the final bathroom renovation cost, from selecting the materials to paying the installers. So prepare a budget earlier by considering all the above-listed factors.

Try to stick to your budget no matter what. Remember, with the right planning and wise strategies, you can set up your bathroom without breaking the bank. So, let’s embark on this process of giving your bathroom a fresh, shining look that everyone admires.