Home Security System Cost

How Much Does a Home Security System Cost?

Improving your home’s security is an essential task. As the crime rates increase, homeowners are opting for advanced security systems. We hope you all know that higher security comes at a decent price. Although the exact amount depends on many things, we can still estimate the final price to start at $25, and it will keep increasing according to your requirements. Also, today, 

most home security services offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly payment schemes. 

Now, let’s evaluate the often-asked question on the internet: How much does a home security system cost? In this article, we aim to evaluate every aspect that can influence the final cost of such a system.

Learn About the System Type

The final cost of such a home security system primarily depends on the system type you have chosen for your home. There are different types and packages of home security systems. Each offers different facilities and demands different prices. So, let’s explore those facilities and learn about their costs.

Basic alarm security system

If you are strict about your budget and satisfied with the basic facilities, consider this basic alarm security system. This basic level system primarily focuses on notifying homeowners about a sudden or unwanted situation. It includes various alarms, such as burglaries, fires, and unmonitored alarms.

If you want to opt for easy-to-install wireless alarm devices, you may have to pay around $200-$250. Such devices will let you install the entire security system yourself. Hence, hiring a professional installer will be no further hassle.

Professional security system

This home security service offers 24/7 monitoring, a highly trained security team, and sophisticated safety tools so that it may charge a decent monthly fee from the homeowner. Although the prices may vary from company to company, the standard charges of such professional security services are around $40-$60 per month. Also, the charges may differ per your home’s proportion, location, preferences, etc. So before giving any hiring commitment, address your queries about the prices and services.

Smart security system

With the growth and continuous success of machine learning, plenty of smart security devices are being discovered. Such devices allow you to monitor your house remotely. From motion face detection to smart lighting, smart security devices have made home security stronger and more accessible.

If you are concerned about your home’s safety, you can consider implementing a smart security system. However, such a smart security system costs comparatively more than any other security service. The cost of such a service primarily depends on the features you prefer, but we would like to give you a basic estimation. It may cost around $300-900. Also, there are some monthly subscriptions available on these smart security systems.

What Factors May Influence the Home Security System’s Cost?

There are numerous factors influencing your home security system cost. Let’s discuss some of those factors so that you can understand what factors may influence your home’s security cost. It will help you prepare your budget earlier and evaluate the cost thoughtfully.

Cost of the security tools

The initial cost depends on the equipment itself. If you go with basic security devices, you might be able to make this entire security upgrading process affordable. However, the budget may increase significantly if you want advanced devices such as smart doorbells, fingerprint sensors, and automated doors.

Some homeowners do not compromise when it comes to their home’s security. And this is why they opt for high-end security tools like smart locks. Such tools often cost around $400. Hence, the purchase cost of such a security tool can directly influence the final home security system cost.

Installation charges

There are two types of installations available for home security tools. One is a DIY installation, and another is a professional installation. DIY stands for Do IT Yourself. There are plenty of modern home security devices offering easy installation. If you want to set yourself free from paying a high installation charge, consider using DIY home security tools.

Also, wireless security tools don’t require an expensive or professional installation charge. Opting for such easy-to-install security tools will help you keep things affordable.

Conversely, you can go for professional installations. There are some particular home security tools like a CCTV camera. Such tools require professional involvement to get installed. However, choosing such a professional installation may increase your budget. Hence, installation cost has a significant influence on the cost of your home security system.

Personalized security services

Some homeowners like to monitor their homes independently by using some security devices. This way, they get to keep things affordable. Conversely, some homeowners demand strict and uncompromised security for their homes. And this is why they prefer hiring highly trained security guards who carry arms and advanced security devices.

If you also want to hire a personalized security service, you may have to spend more money. The cost covers many things, including the security guard’s fee, arms charges, and more. Hence, the charges may lie around $200-$350 per month.

Contract Length

The last but not least important factor that directly impacts the final home security system cost is the contract length. If you sign up for a contract-based security service, you have to pay some advance charges as well. But if you sign a longer contract, you may get some amazing discounts.

Also, the price may differ according to the company policies. So before signing any contract, read out the contract carefully. Make sure you understand every terms and conditions mentioned in the contract.


As mentioned, the deciding price of a home security service may be influenced by many factors. So, consider evaluating those factors well. Also, remember to prioritize your preferences. The basic investment for home security service is around $200. But again, it can differ from company to company.

Remember to assess the specific security requirements that are important to you. Make sure the security plan you are choosing can meet your expectations. It’s wise to research and select the best home securities.