Granite Vs Quartz

Granite Vs Quartz: Which Type Counter Top Are Ideal for Your Kitchen

Choosing the right kitchen countertop material becomes a crucial task when revamping your kitchen or designing it for the first time. You might find many options, but your aim should be to choose the most trustworthy countertop for your dream kitchen. Granite and Quartz are well-known countertop materials that are thriving in popularity.

A lot of people get confused between these two options. Some people are impressed by the neat and clean appearance of Granite. On the other hand, Quartz amazes people with its contemporary designs and huge availability of shades. Beyond the aesthetics, there are some other significant countertop features that make a kitchen more functional. So, the functionality of your kitchen somewhat depends on the countertop you choose.

So, before you choose any material, let us give you a tour of the features and advantages of choosing this Granite and Quartz as your countertop material. This fruitful discussion will help you pick the desirable countertop material that fits all your criteria and expectations.

Granite and Quartz Countertop Comparison


Although Granite is very durable, it has a porous surface. So, you must be more careful to protect your granite countertop from spilling liquids as it is porous, which might get damaged due to excessive oil spilling and other substances. But the good thing is Granite is heat resistant, which makes it a desirable material for cooking zones.

In comparison with Granite, Quartz is tougher in strength. Quartz runs more years than Granite if you protect it from heat. But use heat pads as Quartz is not a heat-resistant material. But the good news is that Quartz contains a non-porous surface that protects it from wear and tear. Also, installing quartz countertops can reduce the risk of oil stains.


When it comes to aesthetics, people mostly choose a granite countertop. Granite holds a sophisticated outlook to complement the royal décor of your commercial kitchen. Granite has a wide range of shades to match your residential kitchen interior.

Conversely, Quartz offers a great feature that leads to better aesthetics. Quartz countertops are popular as kitchen countertop for their allowance of customization. You can customize your quartz countertop according to your kitchen’s interiors. This fascinating feature is the reason behind the overwhelming popularity of Quartz countertops.


Before making your final choice, you must know about the maintenance protocols of both materials. When you have a granite countertop, you must devote some time to cleaning and washing it, as this countertop contains a porous surface, so it’s more prone to stains, rust, and oil damage. Clean your granite countertop every day with some soap or mild detergent. Take this cleaning task seriously to protect the shining surface of your granite countertop.

Maintaining a Quartz countertop is an easy task. It doesn’t require you to perform the washing task every day. It contains a non-porous surface, so oil and water can’t damage it directly. You can clean it thrice a week, which would be enough to keep your quartz countertop shining and appealing. While granite countertops require resealing every year to function well, quartz countertops never require yearly resealing. So, installing a quartz countertop is a smart choice if you can only make a little time for cleaning and maintenance. 

Environmental impact

Granite is a popular natural resource that requires intense digging or mining to be utilized as your kitchen countertop material. It may not seem environmentally friendly if you assess the environmental impact of using Granite as your countertop material.

In comparison with Granite, Quartz is much more environmentally friendly. If you are seriously considering an environment-friendly countertop for your kitchen, then Quartz is your go-to material. As Quartz is engineered or manufactured, you can consider it an environment-friendly material for long-term usage.


Proper hygiene is a necessity for every kitchen. Whether you own a traditional or brand-new modern kitchen, you must pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene. Granite countertops require you to put in some effort and do some hard work to protect the hygiene of your kitchen. You may need mild soap or effective detergents with granite countertops to maintain your kitchen hygiene.

Maintaining hygiene becomes easy with a quartz kitchen countertop. Quartz is a non-porous substance, so protecting your quartz countertop from oil stains, rust, and water is easy. Furthermore, installing this quartz countertop reduces the risk of germs and bacterial inflammation. If you want to ensure proper hygiene in your kitchen without investing much effort, then Quaa quartz countertop may be a wiser choice for you.


According to the current market price, the standard granite countertop installation action cost may come to around $ 2,500-$4,000. Although it varies from seller to seller, you can expect the maximum price to be around $4000. Also, the designs and shades you choose sometimes exceed the estimated price.

Quartz countertops usually cost more money than Granite countertops. Although the final price may be decided based on the designs and quality of the Quartz, we still have a basic estimation here. The standard quartz countertop cost, including the installation, may vary from $3000 to $8000. Quartz is an engineered material, so it might cost more than usual countertop materials. At the same time, quartz countertops are heavier in weight. So, your higher professional may require a big team of laborers to install this quartz countertop. Hence, the installation charges may seem higher than those for ordinary or usual countertops.

Final Words

Thus, both materials can offer numerous advantages like better aesthetics, easy maintenance, huge durability, great affordability, and more. However, you must decide based on your style, maintenance protocols, and budget limits.

If you want to ease the maintenance process of your kitchen countertop, then Quartz is a better material than Granite. At the same time, Granite wins some brownie points regarding affordability. So, choose the material type according to your personal preferences. Make sure the countertop you choose will ease your cooking process. Assess every feature of both these materials carefully to reach a practical decision.